Leather Vests Unzipped: Finding Your Perfect Ride-or-Die Companion

All right, then, how about we just get into the muck? The perfect leather biker vest women is like selecting your favorite ice cream flavor in a new shop. Classics are available, as well as slightly more zany choices. Then there’s the truly outlandish. Hey, who are we to judge?! If you love the soft, buttery lambskin as much as you do the rough cowhide, slipping that leather vest on makes you want to star in an action film.

Talking about lambskin or cowhide is not just some biker lingo. They can make or break the cool factor of your car and how comfortable you are. Cowhide? It’s the toughest of friends who will always have your back. If things turn sideways, it can take the beating of sun, wind, or even asphalt. Lambskin, though? This is like a friend that’s always ready for a good night out. It’s sleek, smooth and stylish.

It’s the quality of craftsmanship that makes things interesting. You’ve probably bought online something that seemed great but ended up falling apart as quickly as a bunch of cards in the wind tunnel. Yes, it’s a pain. The leather of a well-made vest is sewn with as much care and attention to detail as the apple pie that grandma makes. Over time it will fit better; almost like the vest is learning your edges and curves.

We’ll talk about pockets, because they are pretty important. You’ve probably tried stuffing your cell phone in a tiny pocket on jeans, but it falls out every time you sit down. Isn’t that annoying? A well-designed vest has pockets that are deep enough to hold your essentials, without you having to do a juggling trick every time.

The ability to make adjustments is also a game changer. You’ve probably had meals so large that you felt the need to adjust your belt by a couple of notches. With vests that have adjustable straps and side laces, you can breathe more easily.

On a hot summer day, nobody wants to be wrapped up in plastic. Perforated panels, mesh linings and other clever designs allow air to flow freely through vests. This keeps you cool while maintaining that badass look.

Road rash is not cool, but neither is protection. The vests that come with armor are pretty awesome. They’re like wearing an invisible shield.

The best gear isn’t always the most obvious. You have to consider what suits your taste and keeps you comfortable on the road. It’s important to some riders that they get gear made by brands who have existed since the dinosaurs roamed earth. Okay, maybe not so long ago. Some riders are looking for someone who is able to make something customized. Why blend in when your nature was born to standout?

As I wrap up this article (and yes, I did say we would skip the formalities) finding the best leather motorcycle jacket comes down to what you like, your style and needs, as well as, of course, budget. Let’s face the facts: We aren’t rolling in cash here. You can use these tips to browse through online pages or visit stores in order to find the perfect vest. Then wear it with pride like the rider boss I know that you are. At least, try to not fall asleep in our textbooks.