The wild terrains of family and couples therapy counseling

You will be amazed at how difficult and rewarding it is to deal with love, family and relationships. They are non-threatening and do not make you feel threatened. Looking for a licensed therapist? Ensure they’re certified by the counselor social worker and marriage and family therapist board.

Family therapy is like lifting the rug to deal with the dust bunnies at the family reunion. This is not about pointing out the faults, but rather saying, “hey everyone has quirks.” We need to work together on not driving each other crazy. ”

Couples counseling is the next step.

Communication in both treatments is essential. But not any kind of communication.

Isn’t it cool that these therapies make us realize we are all part of a team? They help us understand our roles. By being a peacekeeper at family events, you can counter the theories of Larry the cousin. When in a relationship, you might want to find out what is causing your partner to act irritable. (Spoiler: It’s hunger).

You can start by looking at yourself in the mirror. The first step to change is looking in the mirror. Asking yourself tough questions, such as “What’s my role in this mess?” is much more difficult and rewarding. ”

Conflicts can actually make you stronger. What does not ruin your relationship? Unbreakable?

These treatments are not magic spells (although that would be awesome).

If you want to navigate the human relations terrain, it is a good idea to bring a professional along.

Wishing you a smoother journey ahead!

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